Do you have available surfaces and want to control your electricity bill in the long term?

We have the solution: SunMind offers to develop, finance, build and maintain solar photovoltaic plants on their clients’ available surfaces, and sells the electricity produced at a competitive and guaranteed long-term price.

Self-consumption is risk-free in terms of continuity of supply, as our customers keep their existing contract with their electricity supplier.


Icône SunMind

A turn-key solution

Focus on your own business. No acquisition cost, no new assets to manage.

Icône SunMind

Environmental commitment

Contribute to the ecological transition by reducing your carbon footprint and benefit from renewable and local electricity.

Icône SunMind


Control your electricity bill and make savings in the long term.
At the end of your contract, you become the owner of the solar photovoltaic plant.

SunMind also install solar photovoltaic plant for injection into the grid when self-consumption is not fitting your energy case or when you have available lands you want to rent.


SunMind has structured an efficient process, consisting of 7 key steps, to accompany you efficiently in your photovoltaic project.

Do you have a car park with more than 50 spaces? Do you have a roof or floor space of more than 1000 m2?

This is how we will work together to build the best solution for you:

We analyze your energy consumption and determine your solar potential

We draw up a proposal based on these and your objectives

You sign the contractual documentation

We develop, finance, design and build the solar photovoltaic plant on your surfaces

We start billing once the plant is producing electricity

We operate and maintain the solar system

We transfer the system to you free of charge at the end of the contract

Is self-consumption the best solution for you?

We identify the ideal model for your site carrying out free pre-feasibility study!