Do you want to be at the forefront of the energy transition, and benefit from the advantages offered by electricity storage?

As renewable energies are intermittent and decentralized, their integration into the electricity grid is complex. One way to improve their integration into the grid is to make them controllable by combining solar assets with storage units.

SunMind develops and finances storage assets that improve the solar energy development of its customers, while facilitating the integration of solar photovoltaic plants into the grid.

Combining a self-consumption solar photovoltaic plant with behind-the-meter storage can dramatically increase our customers’ self-generation rate, while strengthening their energy resilience.

Storage also allows for greater flexibility of consumption, thus giving rise to additional remuneration via the mechanisms of ancillary services and the trading market.

One thing is certain, these mechanisms are bound to grow strongly in the years to come. SunMind is actively contributing to this, as the growth of photovoltaic energy is closely linked to the flexibility of consumption.

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