SunMind people


Solar energy has undergone a revolution: after an initial period when subsidies drove the market, it is now competitive. Companies that choose to adopt it have everything to gain: they protect themselves against the volatility of the electricity markets, while meeting society’s expectations. And thanks to SunMind, it’s easy to adopt!

Project Manager

The significant drop in the cost of photovoltaic energy is leading to the emergence of new economic models for the valuation of the electricity produced by a solar photovoltaic plant. SunMind structures investment projects based on these innovative models thanks to a team united around real values.

Technical Project Manager

When we look at the last 10 years of the photovoltaic sector, we see a huge evolution, not only technical but also economical. I am convinced that these changes will accelerate over the next 10 years. It’s time to be part of this transition and SunMind can help companies, regardless of their consumption profile and available space.

Project Manager

More than ever, companies and cities must be offered innovative and financially attractive solutions to meet the challenges we all face. SunMind’s mission is precisely to support them by offering solutions adapted to their needs.

Project Manager

The major Renewable Energy Acceleration Plan includes numerous regulatory measures. SunMind is working to take your vision beyond regulatory constraints and help you seize the opportunity offered by solar energy through a model that’s completely tailored to your needs: self-consumption or injection via Power Purchase Agreements, contracts for the provision of electricity or leasing of your surfaces.

Project Manager

To achieve our climate commitments, we must increase our production of green electricity. To achieve this, each and every one of us can make a contribution, and private companies could play a crucial role. SunMind helps them to make the most of their available land by building and operating solar photovoltaic plants that will contribute to our common goals.

Project Manager

Graduated from an engineering school, I am passionate about the challenges of the ecological transition. I decided to join SunMind to get involved directly in the energy transition. Without massive installation of decarbonized energy production worldwide, no energy transition is possible. By financing the investments needed to produce solar energy, SunMind takes part in the fight against climate change.

Technical Project Manager

I am firmly convinced that the development of renewable energies is a major solution in the fight against climate change and the volatility of energy prices. My ambition is to make all SunMind’s photovoltaic projects a success by ensuring that they are completed successfully. I’m excited by the idea of commissioning all these solar power plants!

Design and Performance Engineer

Renewable energy is the key to tackling many of the environmental and social challenges we face today. The constant search for innovative and effective solutions paves the way for a more sustainable future. At SunMind, we harness the full potential of solar energy to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while minimizing our environmental impact.

Chief Technical Officer

The recent energy crises remind everyone that renewable energies are a genuine alternative to fossil fuels. They are a guarantee and a clear step towards energy independence. As part of the VINCI Group’s ambitious environmental strategy, SunMind is committed to its customers with a unique offer combining autonomy, flexibility and energy resilience.